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Re: Decorum needs to be raised.

Leslie Satenstein wrote:
> I have been in IT for 40 years, and in that time I learned a lesson or two.
> a)  Respect the other person.  He is entitled to different ideas.
> b) I was once a beginner with lots to learn, and with only a fixed
> number of hours in the day. Respect me if you recognize the fact that I
> may not know all the answers. The same applies for your peers.

What do you propose be done with people that claim they know *much* more
than they actually do?

> c) I have no exclusivity on intelligence. I learn from everyone.
> d) Questions that appear stupid to you, or where the user should have
> thought of searching for the answer which is buried in some manual,
> should not have you admonish that user.  We are all trying our best.
> e) Software authors write for joy, many put their heart and soul into
> their work, and therefore, think about criticism before issuing some. 
> If you have to, couch your criticism in postive ways, such as  "While
> using your software under condition xyz, it generated the following
> problem xxxx, is it possible that this possibility was not envisioned in
> your initial design?
> f) Finally, ask yourself if you would like to receive the criticism that
> you would deliver.
> So, please, help the beginners, and if some software is malfunctioning,
> try to find the reason, and with kind words, contact the author.  You
> wil get more using an approach with honey than one with vinegar.
> Leslie Satenstein
> MSC mathematics,
> Capacity Planning and Computer system modeling,
> Hardware logic circuit designer
> Compiler designer, interpreter designer,
> ERP specialist, Project Manager,
> 40 years of writing and supporting software.
> Teacher and now, linux hobbist.

Life would be so much easier if we could just look at the source code.
	-- Dave Olson

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