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Re: MP3 Players

Mr.Scrooge wrote:
> I don't know why i didn't start here to begin with! Anyway I am
> looking for an MP3 Player that just works with Fedora 8. Any
> recommendations besides the older IPODS?The newer IPODS are a pain
> in the ass, this I know by experience

FWIW, new ipods should be supported and just work if you install the
libgpod updates in updates-testing.  After a few more days, those will
be pushed to the stable updates for F7 and F8.  If you have a newer
ipod, give a try with:

yum --enablerepo=updates-testing update libgpod

>, besides which i object to apple on principle! They do not
> make an ITunes for Linux? Why?

If you object to Apple on principle, why would you care if they made
an iTunes for Linux?  I'm much happier using gtkpod (or amarok or
rhythmbox, or some home brewed python scripts using python-gpod) than
I ever would be using iTunes. :)

> Anyhow i would appreciate any suggestions, even if all you can say
> is ipod but i think i will just do without rather than give my money
> to Apple!Thanks!!

Many folks like the products from Creative and the Sandisk Sansa
players.  I do happen to be happy with my ipod, which is never touched
by iTunes (unless I'm testing something for compatibility with

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    -- John Luther

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