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Re: Printer sharing over network

Mike Chambers wrote:
> If you have a printer installed, and set it to "sharing" on it's
> properties, is that enough for another computer (windows vista or linux)
> to be able to find/recognize it and use it?  Or do you have to setup
> samba as well?


When you "share" a printer in CUPS, then other systems can access it.

Share a Linux printer with Windows has other problems.

What I have found is that it you are using a Windows print driver for
the printer under Windows, then you will want to configure a CUPS
version of you printer which has a "raw" print driver.  In order for
this to work, you will want to edit the file:


and uncomment the line:


In the CUPS administration stuff, you will need to create a new
"printer" which uses the raw print driver, but still access the same
physical printer.

>From the Windows side, you will need to set up a network printer using
the IPP: or HTTP: protocols, something like:


If you do it right, you will be able to print to your Linux printer from
your Windows machine.

Sorry if the details are a bit ambiguous, I set one up about year ago,
then had a CUPS update break it, and I only just recently discovered
that the CUPS update re-wrote my /etc/cups/mimes.types file and
commented out the application/octet-stream line.  Fixing that allowed me
to print to it again from my windows systems.  Its hard to remember the
exact syntaxes I used in the Windows Add Printer wizard, and looking at
the printers control panel shows me the machine name
(http://linux-machine:631) and the printer name, but not the necessary
glue to use in the wizard for the URL.  I was Googling the subject when
I found the answer.

> Hrm, have thought bout a way to use (if there is one) a printer router
> type thing to plug it into to (has usb cable) let all computers connect
> to it via printer server or something along those lines (already have
> linksys wireless router)?

Kevin J. Cummings
kjchome rcn com
cummings kjchome homeip net
cummings kjc386 framingham ma us
Registered Linux User #1232 (http://counter.li.org)

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