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Re: Freeswan (CentOS 4.5)


2008/1/4, tony chamberlain lemko com <tony chamberlain lemko com>:

Has anyone had experience with Freeswan?

We have a situation where say there is a Linux machine in City 1 with IP address (for example)
and a Linux machine in City 2 with an IP address of (for example).  Now these machines are
in different cities, so machine 1 cannot just open a socket on because machine 2 is on a different
network.  Each machine does have a router, say City 1 is (for example).  To get into City 1from
outside the network you go through thr router, use which routes into the LAN.  The same for
City 2.  For a unix process on to send to it would have to send to which would route
it in.  Problem is, its from address would be, which the machine at wouldn't know about.
A process on would have to do something similar to respond.

Now these machines have to actually be able to use each others' 10.0.0.X addresses.  I assume this is possible
via a VPN.  They don't have any Cicsco VPNs or anything, and they asked whether it is possible just using
Linux (CentOS) to set up a VPN.  I did a bit of searching and found a couple things.  Freeswan seemed to be
the most promising, though other packages could be just as good.

Is the above scenario possible with Freeswan or can you recommend some other way?
I dont kown about Freeswan, but I've succesfully used OpenVPN.
But, for your scenario, you can also modify the NAT / PAT tables in both router.
Alessandro Brezzi

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