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Re: java again really

Les Mikesell wrote:
Matthew Saltzman wrote:
With this addition my jedit was installed fast and it works right. I needs to be added to the document.

No, what needs to be added to the document is instructions on how to use
the alternatives facility to get these links set up properly.

I can understand how Karl or anyone else might be led to fix these
things up by hand, as above, but it's better to use the tool designed
for the job.  But in order to do so, one needs to know what that tool
is.  It's not as common knowledge as it ought to be.

man alternatives

Do you think this manual page will help someone who doesn't have a jpackage-style installation or compat package? What is needed is for that to be included in the disto. Or at least full documentation on all of the symlinks needed to construct one by hand.

Amazing how I read man ln and understand how to make a sim link, and then enter the two locations backward. I think the only way to get it to work is provide the ln in detail so it can be copied over to a terminal and done.

I found it takes just a few minutes to get the sim links made but it took hours to find out where they should go between.

It would be good if a good test existed for java performance. My experience was that the installed java 1.5 did not support installing jedit. In fact it didn't even install it complete. After getting java 1.6 working jedit installed right in much less time and appears to be working fine.

    Not a good test however :-)



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