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Re: Java problem

Ed Greshko wrote:
Les Mikesell wrote:
Craig White wrote:
    You guys are both wrong. Fedora does ship F7 and F8 with a small
java version 1.5 which is too old for newer java programs,
I screwed up here. Version 1.5 is not very old. But for some reason the java 1.5 on F8 doesn't support installing jedit.

The jre-1.5.0-gcj is what we have built in on F8. It is small in byte size compared to the downloaded jre-6u3-linux-i586.rpm.

The later rpm seems to put up a local file system in the /usr/java/ directory that is used if you call java from the /bin directory there. It is just much more capable of supporting java software.


 and that
broken icedtea that does nothing good. But light at the end of the
tunnel. Fedora can make the necessary changes to their design to
allow the method given on the Sun Site to work. I have been doing
the work. Look at my new messages on java.
nice of you to weigh in on something you know absolutely nothing about.
On the contrary - he has given the definitive 'user experience' of
java on fedora.  He knows exactly what that experience is.  You may be
right that it shouldn't be that way...

Ah, yes...now I understand.  1+1=2 except in cases where it does not
actually equal 1 but may = something less or more than 1 if it happens
to be the 3rd Sunday in a month that has a even numbered Thursday.


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