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Re: Printer sharing over network

Mike Chambers wrote:
> If you have a printer installed, and set it to "sharing" on it's
> properties, is that enough for another computer (windows vista or linux)
> to be able to find/recognize it and use it?  Or do you have to setup
> samba as well?
With Windows XP, you set up an IPP printer. I would think Vista
would be the same.

> Hrm, have thought bout a way to use (if there is one) a printer router
> type thing to plug it into to (has usb cable) let all computers connect
> to it via printer server or something along those lines (already have
> linksys wireless router)?
If the print server supports IPP, it is easy. Chances are that CUPS
will detect it. Using a lpr type print server is slightly harder,
but not much. Windows requires a bit more work. I would expect the
router/print server to support IPP, and possible a couple more


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