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Re: MP3 Players

Mr.Scrooge wrote:
I don't know why i didn't start here to begin with! Anyway I am looking for an MP3 Player that
just works with Fedora 8. Any recommendations besides the older IPODS?The newer IPODS are a pain
in the ass, this I know by experience, besides which i object to apple on principle! They do not
make an ITunes for Linux?Why? Anyhow i would appreciate any suggestions, even if all you can say
is ipod but i think i will just do without rather than give my money to Apple!Thanks!!

Gadget freak here, so ...

For all in one folks, the Treo Centro is awesome, and 6GB cards are $70.00 or less.
(6GB micro SD)

For UNIX/Linux System Admins, the Nokia N810 is great. Get your glasses updated first! :)
 (6GB micro with a mini SD adapter)

The N800 can be tricked out with 16GB, but the N810 maxes at 10GB right now. The GPS and slide out keyboard are the difference in cost, and the N810 uses mini SD instead of regular SD like the N800.

Now there is an MP3 player that is also: web tablet, book reader, XTerm with ssh, etc etc etc

Good luck!

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