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Re: java again really

Karl Larsen wrote:

I'd really like to know why the jpackage project appears to have given up on fedora. If the experts can't do it - or have reasons not to, there's not much hope for anyone else.

I would like to know what a jpackage is. It is a project to do what? Showing my lack of understanding on something important to java I expect.

http://www.jpackage.org Don't expect to make too much sense out of it or to find anything for current fedora versions there. It is devoted to building installable linux packages for a wild assortment of incompatible distributions and packaging mechanisms out of what mostly should have been portable code in the first place. For the supported distibutions, it does work well once you figure out how to install the part they don't include (Sun java...) with their compatibility add-on and get their repository added to your system. You could then 'yum install' just about any java program. However, fedora seems to want to live in a self-contained universe which isn't constructed yet, so there is nothing here for current versions.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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