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Re: java again really

Nigel Henry wrote:
On Friday 04 January 2008 20:32, Karl Larsen wrote:
Nigel Henry wrote:
On Thursday 03 January 2008 22:43, Gene Heskett wrote:

I may be in the same boat.  The contruction gfx at the top of the screen
works, but the center window remains empty regardless.  The selected
puzzle loads forever, except it says 'done' in the info line at the

Cheers, Gene
Hi Gene. Ideally remove the icedtea browser plugin, using Apt, as I do,
or Yum, or Smart.Your choice, but just get rid of the damned thing. As an
alternative, go to to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins, and remove/delete
libjavaplugin.so. I am presuming that you have Sun's JRE installed, and
in which case before removing the libjavaplugin.so, you should have
Firefox's about:plugins showing both the gcj stuff, and Sun's jre
(libjavaplugin_oji.so). Having got rid of libjavaplugin.so (the gcj thing
that don't work), restart Firefox, and run about:plugins. Hopefully you
will only have the libjavaplugin_oji.so showing now, apart from your
other plugins.

Now try .  http://www.jigzone.com, and if all's gone well you may be able
to waste some time playing some interesting jigsaws.

I'll be back.

    Hi and I went to www.jigzone.com and aside from the fact that I'm
bad at puzzels, the color is fine. So what I did for the Firefox is
working with the new version 1.6 Sun java system.  It does look like a
good web page.


Hi Karl. Yes the jigzone site is fine for seeing if your java browser plugin is working ok, and the jigsaws are more fun than the other 2 stocktrading sites I have listed, which run java applets for showing a continuous update of the stock prices.

Btw. I posted a bug report for the icedtea browser plugin (that's all the GCJ stuff that turns up in Firefox's about:plugins with the default F8 install). Apparently the problem has been resolved. See the bug report below. The fix has been pushed to Fedora rawhide, and how soon it will turn up in F8, I don't know, but it will be interesting to see if websites that require java, now work with the icedtea browser plugin.


All the best in dealing with your current family problem.


Very good! I do not know what IcedTea-1.5 (b24) has changed to make it now work. In fact I do not know what function it has with the version 1.5 java that F8 has now. The error messages I got with this java were related to not enough space for jedit files and other problems. It took several minutes before it finished installing and the result was broken.

After the installation of the Sun version 1.6 it took just a few seconds for the installation of jedit and the result works fine.



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