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yum again

You know when yum works its great but every once in a while it just sets my 
teeth on edge by failing for no apparent reason and without any noticeable 
diagnostic. This happened recently. I tinkered with the HD and had to cycle 
power to do so. F7 came back up saying I have updates available. As usual I 
just entered the root password and hit enter. segfault. WTF? try again while 
crossing my fingers and wishing. segfault. Anyone else seeing this? two 
replies, no, must be you, works for me. grump. Dig into past fedora-list mail 
for ideas. What about yum clean all? Looks reasonable, ran it and it returned 
pretty quickly with no errors. Ok, will the update work? no. Now it hangs 
after downloading the packages and before installing. Reboot. no joy. well 
what else is in the archives. what about 

[root localhost ~]# rpm --rebuilddb

seems like a reasonable move but it has been running now for 90 minutes. Is 
that reasonable? anyone have ideas? diagnostics? or log files I can check?


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