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Re: alternative to `tar`

Robin Laing wrote:
Guillaume wrote:

actually, I use the tar utility to backup my fedora box to a file...
After a full backup file is reach near 8GB, and when I want to restore
some backuped files, it take veeerrrryyy long time (more than 1h30) to
analyse/index the file and extract the needed folders. Is there a way
to speed up the restore process with any options to tar, or, any other
command utility to use for my backup.

Thanks for your help.

Our system admin likes backupPC


He uses it at work and home.

I think Robin's on the right track, I suspect the tar workalikes (star, pax, cpio) will also choke on the load.

Also consider amanda and bacula.

Maybe also disk archiver, dar, which can make DVD-sized files to burn and (I think) indexes them. dar.df.net



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