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Re: Will not boot after Disk upgrade from hda to sda

Paul Ward wrote:
I did a quick hack that allowed me to boot up in a relitively stable
enviroment with some problems regarding keys I am guessiing this is
the keys that generate on first login, that get used to check

I built a FC6 PC using a single partion and no swap, then using a
recovery CD rsync'd the / partition over the top of the install. I did
not sync the /boot, this worked and proved the sata drive and cards
are compatible. I am going to clone the partition to a backup, re
clone the original disk on to the sata and copy the menu.lst,
device.map and fstab with minor modification back.

I am hoping this will work, I may need to reinstall grub but that will
not be a problem.

Any thoughts on if this will work?

test from the grub command line, finding it's idea of what drive is what is a good start.

reinstalling grub may prove a good idea, it can reconstruct the device map.



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