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Did I find a jigdo problem

I have fedora x64 installed, and a November 2rd dvd for I386 platform.

I did the followingL

a) Put the i386 DVD in the cd reader. It is the only file situated within /media

I copied and pasted the jigdo line from the cookbook site.

Jigdo told me that it needed to replace 400 files in order to create the target ISO.

I selected the correct file to build, and 4 hours later, it was still executing.

Somehow, I believe that Jigdo decided that it should perhaps build an everything version. 
Four hours and no indication how many additional files were required to complete.

I have decided that since after 4 hrs of high speed (700kb/sec) download speed with no indication of what was left to do I cancelled Jigdo.

I did not know of any restart capability with jigdo. It reqiires it.

Since individuals reported success with 86_64 version (65 bit), that I would consider a jigdo exercise for that version. I truly want to have proof that jigdo saves download megabytes.

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