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Re: RFC: Fedora Xfce Spin

Michael Wiktowy wrote:

Would it be sane to set up a fedora user account on the LiveCD build
system, configure and tweak the preferences that are not easily
scriptable ( i.e. including icon placement/sizing, taskbar setup,
setting up user accounts for different apps, etc.) and then somehow
use that user home directory as a substitute for /etc/skel (or
wherever it pulls the fedora user template from to stick on the CD)
when having livecd-creator compose the LiveCD image?

Or am I reinventing the wheel here?

I think most of what you consider not easily scriptable, actually is but the kickstart configuration for the most part is not specific to the live cd environment and if you layout the details on what you want to achieve,

http://www.redhat.com/archives/kickstart-list/ and #kickstart channel has a active community that should be able to help you.


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