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Re: mouse versus touchpad, or cursor placement wars...

Tim wrote:
Is there an easy way to get FC7 to ignore a touchpad while a mouse is
plugged in, then go back to using the touchpad when the mouse is
unplugged, automatically?

Try as I might, I cannot stop my system from randomly doing something
with the touchpad while typing, even though I'm not anywhere near
contacting it, and the simplest solution would be to just plug in a

The laptop came with two disable touchpad hotkeys (Fn + F9, and an extra
special key), but naturally they don't work.  They don't actually do any
disabling, they just send a keypress to trigger something else to do the
work in software.  It's an Asus PRO31J F3JC Laptop

If you don't need tap-to-click, disabling it will solve your problem once and for all.

Another solution is to ignore the touchpad for 1 second after the last keypress - but this gets very annoying if you're a power user (read: fast hands).

Other than this, you can check BIOS settings for disabling touchpad while mouse is plugged in (but it might not work).


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