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Re: java again really

Am Freitag, den 04.01.2008, 20:41 -0600 schrieb Les Mikesell:
> Do you mean there is a java-sun-compat package included in the fedora
> repository or some part of the jpackage repository that is documented as
> working with F7 and F8?

Fedora never included a java-sun-compat package but a jpackage-util
which installs a basic infrastructure for java according to the
jpackage.org specification. 

It is (and was since Fedora 1) up to the user or sysadmin to decide, 
- either to download java-1.x.x-sun-compat-1.x.x.y-zjpp.i[nnn}.rpm from
jpackage.org and the Sun java rpm from Sun and install both 

- or to download java-1.x.x-sun-1.x.x.y-zjpp.nosrc.rpm and the shell
script based Sun Java distribution from Sun, build their own rpm and
install that. 

This principle was introduced with Red Hat Linux 8 or 9, had been taken
over into Fedora and has been continuously improved over the various
Fedora versions (e.g. introducing a yum repository as part of

So your information in your posting I refer to, as well as in several of
your previous postings is simply wrong and continually spreading out
wrong information is rather awkward.


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>    Les Mikesell
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