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Re: Upgrading to F8 on Dell Dimension 5100

Dave Cross escribió:
I have a Dell Dimension 5100 which was running F7 very happily for
some time. I wanted to upgrade it to F8.

I downloaded the DVD ISO and burnt it to a blank disk.

When the system boots from the DVD, I see the boot menu. I select
either the Install/Upgrade or Install/Upgrade (text) option. I then
get the "Loading vmlinuz..." and "Loading initrd.img..." messages
followed by a "Ready." prompt.

At that point the system hangs. The installation doesn't proceed.

Has anyone else seen anything like whilst installing or upgrading F8?
Any advice on how I can debug this problem?

Yes, there has been a very long discussion about this in the bugzilla report 372011.


Use the Fedora Unity respin which worked for me.

Anyway, upgrades in Fedora are crappy (something to work on for Fedora 9).

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