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Re: java again really

Ed Greshko wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:
   Hi Guys, I d/l the version of Sun java that comes with a src.zip
which is indeed the source code. How to use this source is not yey
understood but it has promise. I also have all the Sun legal
statements and one tiny part is important! They simply will not let me
or anyone else send the SC outside the USA Period!
You need to ask yourself:  "What is this the source code of?".

You will find, or I hope you will find, that his is original source code
of for the API (Application Interfaces) class libraries.  It doesn't
include any of the source for things such as the JVM or the java
compiler.  The main use of these are in debugging.
   You can send out a binary version made by you anywhere it seems.
There is a lot more to read about. I got:

*Linux self-extracting JDK file

of 67 MBytes that does have the source file as shown.

Much more later when I read it.

Good luck....  But you may find yourself better served by joining the
java forums and learning about java there as those forums are focused on
java.  To continue trying to learn about java here will be painful and
potentially filled with inaccurate information.

Your right, and it would seem that the best someone could come up with over the past several years are the small java version 1.5 with iced-tea added. That seems to be unsatisfactory but perhaps the best that can be done.

As for the source code it for sure is odd. It comes in several directories as shown below:

[karl k5di source-code]$ ls
com  java  javax  launcher  org  src.zip  sunw

   Odd but the java directory has this:

[karl k5di java]$ ls
applet  awt  beans  io  lang  math  net  nio  rmi  security  sql  text  util

So it will be fun to figure out.



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