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Re: some simple questions on VNC

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On 01/05/2008 11:27 AM, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
|   nothing serious, just some grotty details to clear up.
| 1) on the server side, is the equivalence between the listening TCP
| port and the display number a 1:1 mapping?  that is, does port 5901
| always represent display number :1, port 5902 display number :2 and so
| on?  it certainly *seems* that way, i just want to make sure.
| 2) apparently, although the man page for "vncviewer" doesn't mention
| it, you can view to a given port number rather than a display number.
| so either of the following would work equally well:
|   $ vncviewer
|   $ vncviewer
| although as long as there is that 1:1 mapping, there would seem to be
| little point using the port number since the display number would work
| just as well and is clearly shorter.
| 3) on the server side, what is the purpose of the *other* ports
| associated with each listening port?  that is, after i start vncserver
| listening on port, say, 5917, i can see listening ports 5817 and 6017
| suddenly active as well.  what are they for?

The 58xx ports fire up a java version of the VNC viewer so you can use
VNC inside a web browser.

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