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Re: prevent yum deleting downloaded updates

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Nigel Henry wrote:
| On Saturday 05 January 2008 17:37, yordy wrote:
|> anybody know how to tell yum do not delete downloaded updates after apply
|> this? In previous versions of Fedora I have to clear my cache manually
|> because yum keep all downloaded updates, but in Fedora 8 yum delete all
|> downloaded updates automatically.
| Hi Yordy. Edit /etc/yum.conf as root, and change the line.
| keepcache=0  to keepcache=1
| While your at it, and if you want to keep more than the default 2 kernels, add
| a line to the file as below.
| installonly_limit=0
| That will disable yum from trashing kernels you may want to keep (the 0 is a
| zero by the way).

I have to ask you Nigel. Why would you want to keep more that two kernels when
you have the one that is currently running and the previous one that was
running when the current one was installed?

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~  David
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