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Re: Java Solution

On Friday 04 January 2008, Karl Larsen wrote:
>     Something happened in my immediate family yesterday and let me say
> it is not like me to pick on people like I did. But I was not in sound
> mind yesterday. Today I say please forgive me Dennis what I said was
> stupid and not correct.

I'm sorry you had family issues; I know how that is, as I have five children.  
But I endeavor to not do e-mail when the situation is that stressful.

> The only thing accurate is that what I learned 
> about java I feel strong about. This again is that with all the java
> provided in a Work Station load of F8, which I since learned is not very
> much capability, I had no successful install of jedit. It is nice that
> others have had success. I can't explain that.

Well, F8 ships two different Java's by default: gcj (the pretty minimal one 
that doesn't work with jedit, as you found out) 1.5, and then IcedTea,  which 
is kindof a Sun Java (read the Iced Tea pages to find out why I say that; 
suffice to say that IcedTea, built on the OpenJDK source code from Sun, is 
what Sun Java 1.7 is possibly going to look like; in other words, like many 
things in Fedora, IcedTea 1.7 is experimental) 1.7.

As John Summerfield said, in another thread, if you want something stable in 
that regards, get CentOS 5 and install the very easily installed Sun Java on 
it.  I have a CentOS 5 box here, and it is rock solid, and it's in 
production.  I use Fedora for my own laptop, and my own desktop (so I can do 
some SecondLife stuff (yes, work stuff, but I can't be more specific due to 
NDA)), but that's all.  Mission critical servers that I have are still 
running CentOS 4, not even 5.

In short, jedit does not work with gcj 1.5, but does with IcedTea 1.7.
Lamar Owen

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