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Audacious always forgets all settings (V. 1.3.2-1.fc7)

My audacious behaves very strange lately. (Yes I did just fine some days 

Every time I start it, all setting I have made since last audacious run 
are lost. Skins, output device, visual setting like double size and 
visible play list, everything... The only thing that remains is the 
playlist, which seems to be saved correctly.

I can change everything, audacious play any song I want it to play, to any 
device I like. I can skin it and so on... Then I quit audacious and the 
vicious circle begins again.

I already tried deleting ~/.config/audacious and ~/.local/share/audacious 
but it did not help.

With -N a. gives me this message:
** Message: device: default
** (audacious:9521): CRITICAL **: playlistwin_update_list: assertion 
`playlistwin_list' failed

I have searched the web for it, but nothing that seems related showed up.

Has anybody experienced simmilar behaviour? Or does your audacious in the 
given version work properly? Any suggestions how to trace down this bug?


We've run out of licenses

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