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Re: more Fedora Cookbook: VNC

Nikhil wrote:
On Fedora/RHEL clones I like to configure vnc thus:
[summer potoroo ~]$ tail /etc/sysconfig/vncservers
# Use "-nohttpd" to prevent web-based VNC clients connecting.

# Use "-localhost" to prevent remote VNC clients connecting except when
# doing so through a secure tunnel.  See the "-via" option in the
# `man vncviewer' manual page.

VNCSERVERS="66:root 3:summer"
VNCSERVERARGS[3]="-geometry 1280x1024"
VNCSERVERARGS[66]="-geometry 1280x1024"

Does the above VNCSERVERS declaration mean to limit the number of vncservers
to be 66... can it be increased if yes, how much beyond?

Those are just the port numbers I use (as expressed by X & VNC), Red Hat chose this method around RHL 7.x.

The expression VNCSERVERARGS[66] is how bash addresses arrays.

I think the limit's 99, maybe 100. ":66" translates to TCP port 5966, but one can also access vnc by HTTP to TCP ports 100 less, so 5866 in this case.



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