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Re: some simple questions on VNC

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
  nothing serious, just some grotty details to clear up.

1) on the server side, is the equivalence between the listening TCP
port and the display number a 1:1 mapping?  that is, does port 5901
always represent display number :1, port 5902 display number :2 and so
on?  it certainly *seems* that way, i just want to make sure.

So the documentation says.

2) apparently, although the man page for "vncviewer" doesn't mention
it, you can view to a given port number rather than a display number.
so either of the following would work equally well:

  $ vncviewer
  $ vncviewer

although as long as there is that 1:1 mapping, there would seem to be
little point using the port number since the display number would work
just as well and is clearly shorter.

You need to verify this with other VNC implementations (TightVNC is fairly popular). If yoy are correct, you might also report it as a bug, either it works incorrectly or it's documented incorrectly.

3) on the server side, what is the purpose of the *other* ports
associated with each listening port?  that is, after i start vncserver
listening on port, say, 5917, i can see listening ports 5817 and 6017
suddenly active as well.  what are they for?

I've already mentioned 5817; it is documented.

6017 I think is X being X.

Try this:
In your VNC session, open a terminal and run the command
xhost +

and from another host or session
DISPLAY=vnchost:17 xterm
(making the proper substitution for vnchost).

I believe one can use this to get anaconda to display on another system than the install box by setting DISPLAY in the boot menu.


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