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Re: Migration from RHEL WS 5 to Fedora

PeterOn Saturday 05 January 2008, Peter Boy wrote:
>Recently we had a thread about experiences with migration from Fedora to
>RHEL WS or CentOS / Scientific Linux.
>I would like to move the other way. Since an upgrade from RHEL WS 4 to 5
>the machines continously freeze two times a day or more, even when idle,
>applications are crashing (esp. Evolution). It's no joy. I couldn't find
>anything specific which could cause the crashes.
>Question: Has someone done it and might share his / her experience?

Peter, if you are crashing that often, you have hardware, memory or psu 

Stop the machine and clean it out with an air hose, and if the grease on the 
bottom of the cpu cooler is over a year old, clean it off & put a small 
amount of artic silver on it to restore good heat conductivity to the heat 
sink, and then fire it up on the install cd & run memtest86 for about 24 
hours.  If the first don't fix it, the 2nd will probably tell you why.

The third item to check is the psu, I've not had great luck with Antec's of 
late, one a year for the last 3 years sent me back to the cheap generics over 
a year back & that $25 one is still going strong & stable.

Cheers, Gene
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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