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Re: Google Earth

Karl Larsen wrote:
Cameron Simpson wrote:
On 05Jan2008 15:10, Karl Larsen <k5di zianet com> wrote:
I saw where one had trouble with this application so decided to get it and run it on my F8. I installed it in my user's space and when I clicked on the earth on my Desktop the screen will go blank and then come back up in init 3. I would have re-login. This is not nice.

   I reloaded it as root and it does the exact same thing :-)

Guess I better tell Google.
It may just blow the mind of your machine. It needs a fair bit of memory
and decent 3d support (OpenGL). It sounds like its crashing your X
server, which is arguably a bug in the X server, not google earth.
It's the only thing that has ever done this. I have 2 gig of RAM and lots of hard drive space. The X-server is Nvidia and it might not like what Google is asking for.

Do you mean the video driver is Nvidia (the video driver is different from the X server)? I use the livna Nvidia driver, kmod-nvidia, on an F7 system with a GeForce 7900 GS video card, and Google earth works quite well.

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