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Re: ldap on F8

Amadeus W.M. wrote:
I want to install ldap on F8 for use with evolution.
Do you mean you want to store contact information {names, numbers, email} in a ldap directory ? That would seem to be overkill for a single user - but something to learn about all the same. If you mean you want to configure evolution to use an existing LDAP server, that would be different...

I did a quick google search and it led me to the fedora directory project:

http://directory.fedoraproject.org The FAQ says explains how fedora-ds relates to openldap. However, which one do I install?
They each implement an LDAP server.

> Does it matter?
LDAP servers are traditionally difficult to set up, with the issue that a ldap server is structured by the administrator to suit their requirements. There is some common structures or schemas available. I have done a company wide (100 users) LDAP setup with openldap, and once I understood a fair bit it ran on first FC3 then FC6 for 4 years. I was going to convert to fedora-ds, but these plans have been abandoned. It looked like there was some pre-defined structures available with fedora-ds that would have made it a little easier.

Does evolution work with either one?
Should do; else evolution might be implementing ldap lookups in a server specfic way, or expecting only a certain directory stucture.


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