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Re: OT: Apple list?

On Sunday 06 January 2008 09:57:10 am Bob Goodwin wrote:
> Bob Goodwin wrote:
> > Can anyone suggest a list of the caliber of this one for the Apple Mac?
> There is a much wider range of technical knowledge among Mac users than
> here since you don't need to be an expert to survive.   If you want
> discussions on open source topics, you might like the fink-users list or
> some of the other resources listed here:
> http://www.finkproject.org/help/index.php.
> --
>    Les Mikesell
>     lesmikesell gmail com
> --
> I personally have little to no interest in the Mac but my daughter took a
> new job and is doing some basic maintenance of Mac computers and I
> certainly can't answer her questions.  Apparently there are unsolved
> problems left from the past which she would like to find solutions for. 
> She tells me that her campus is the only one using Mac's and the technical
> people are primarily PC types?  I suspect that she will eventually find
> some help there but she asked if I would inquire here.
> Just wanted a list to refer her to.  One can learn a lot just reading
> messages on a list such as this one.
> Thanks.
> Bob Goodwin

not a list, but me personally, i get all my technical OSX problems solved in 
the forums "at the source".


Jonathan Horne
linux08 _ _ dfwlp.com

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