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Re: fedora 8 network start behavior

On Jan 6, 2008 10:16 PM, Jonathan Horne <linux08 dfwlp com> wrote:
> i just installed a fedora after a long pause with fedora (ive not looked at it
> since about FC4).  after a few live cds, i chose the live-kde-i386, and used
> it to do an install.  using yum, i finished off a package set im fairly happy
> with.
> however, ive noticied that the eth0 doesnt become active until i finally log
> in...   not good!  primary function of this box will be to host my vmware
> server, so i need to be able to WOL the box, and expect normal "server"
> behavior.
> what can i check or change to make sure the eth0 comes up without first
> logging on?

why not trying activating the eth0 at boot . i am using a fedora 8 .
it works fine for me
> thanks,
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