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Re: Google Earth

Duane Clark escribió:
Karl Larsen wrote:
To be exactly right the video card is made by Nvidia and will not work at all well unless I get the Linux driver software which in my case is in a bash file from the Nvidia web page. Everything else seems to work fine and I seem to have some 3D effects as expected.

    I have a F7 system on this computer and I will try GoogleEarth there.

I believe that the driver from the Nvidia page is probably the same one supplied by Livna. I notice that the Nvidia page says that the Version is "169.07" and my system reports:

# rpm -qi kmod-nvidia
Name        : kmod-nvidia  Relocations: (not relocatable)
Version     : 169.07         Vendor: rpm.livna.org


I'm shocked! kmod-nvidia (which is just a meta-package) is at version 169.07, but all the real packages are at older versiones. Why?

# yum list | grep kmod-nvidia
kmod-nvidia-96xx.x86_64                  96.43.01- installed
kmod-nvidia-96xx.x86_64                  96.43.01-19.lvn8       installed
kmod-nvidia-96xx-  96.43.01-19.lvn8       installed
kmod-nvidia-96xx-2.6.24-0.133.rc6.git8.f 96.43.01-16.fc8        installed
kmod-nvidia.x86_64                       169.07-1.lvn8          livna
kmod-nvidia-       100.14.19-17.lvn8      livna
kmod-nvidia-       100.14.19-18.lvn8      livna
kmod-nvidia-       100.14.19-19.lvn8      livna
kmod-nvidia-       169.07-1.lvn8          livna
kmod-nvidia-96xx-  96.43.01-16.lvn8       livna
kmod-nvidia-96xx-  96.43.01-17.lvn8       livna
kmod-nvidia-96xx-  96.43.01-18.lvn8       livna
kmod-nvidia-legacy.x86_64                71.86.01-18.lvn8       livna
kmod-nvidia-legacy- 71.86.01-15.lvn8       livna
kmod-nvidia-legacy- 71.86.01-16.lvn8       livna
kmod-nvidia-legacy- 71.86.01-17.lvn8       livna
kmod-nvidia-legacy- 71.86.01-18.lvn8       livna

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