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Re: OT: Apple list?

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Dotan Cohen wrote:
| On 06/01/2008, Craig White <craigwhite azapple com> wrote:
|> Apple, like Microsoft has a support web site and offers direct support
|> consistent with the fact that they are revenue based and that is the
|> part of why you use a proprietary OS, for their support.
| Yeah, right. My father uses some version or another of Windows XP. He
| had to pay $39 for a full year's support just to email a human that
| would help him configure his HP printer. That is on top of the $$$ for
| the OS. Windows (I don't know about Mac) comes with installation
| support free, and no more. Much like a crack dealer.
| I just looked, and it seems that the price has since gone up 50%:

Why did your father pay for Microsoft support for an HP printer, which has
absolutely nothing to do with Microsoft, when HP would have given him free
support for the printer that he bought from them?

Did he not ask you for help first?

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~  David
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