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Re: mail aliases question

Brian Chadwick wrote:
create a file called ".forward" in /root. The content of the file is " user localhost" .

I don't recommend that; it works for some MTAs and not for others. It's okay maybe for individual users for temporary changes, but really it's a relic of the 70s and 80s, where email clients expected direct delivery and users read their mail from a shell account on the machine which takes delivery of their mail.

Some email users don't have shell accounts; indeed only users with a need for a shell account should have one. With no shell account, and no home directory (not essentially tied to no shell account) there's no place to store .forward, and even where there is security suggests users shouldn't be able to read others' files, and if email is delivered by non-root (as it should be) then the MTA's delivery agent won't see it.



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