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Re: MP3 Players

--- Todd Zullinger <tmz pobox com> wrote:

> Mr.Scrooge wrote:
> > First and foremost my thanks too all who have responded to my
> > request for MP3 info. Thanks very much. Now on to my problem child,
> > you guessed it, heeeeerrrrrreeeeessssssss NANO Just testing the fix
> > for new ipods and it is looking better but not good at this point. I
> > was hoping to get some advice. Here is where i am with it :
> >
> > 1) Installed the libgpod 0.6.0 and gtkpod 99.12 from testing-updates
> > 2) i was informed of additional dependencies for amarok and other
> >    music players
> > 3) I agreed and it downloaded and installed.
> > 4) I hooked up newer ipod (it's mom's) to my F8 , it was not
> >    immediately recognized like before
> Perhaps there was some problem with the hal daemon?  It might be worth
> looking in /var/log/messages and the output of dmesg | tail after
> plugging in the ipod.  It definitely should be recognized and mounted.
> There are also prefs for this that can disable automounting, but it
> doesn't seem like you've intentionally done that.
> > 5) I rebooted and it mounted. I opened amarok and connected. I
> >    transferred music.
> > 6) IPOD seemed to be responding, said it was synching ( i am feeling
> >    giddy at this point)
> > 7) Synch completed and i disconnected by unmounting . F8 reports
> >    data being written to device.
> > 8) F8 says now safe to remove. IPOD agrees says " ok to Disconnect"
> > 9) IPOD reports used space properly but does not list music or play
> >    it
> That sounds like the needed info wasn't written to the iTunesDB.  This
> should happen automatically with a program installed by libgpod that
> is run by hal when the ipod is detected.  Either that didn't run
> properly, which may be related to the ipod not mounting initially (as
> in, something could be wrong with hal), or there could be some bug in
> the libgpod hal callout.
> Essentially, what needs to happen is that the FireWireGUID of the ipod
> needs to get written to the ipod.  The hal callout tries to extract
> this (and other useful) info from the ipod and write it to
> /media/$IPOD_NAME/iPod_Control/Device/SysInfoExtended.  Can you take a
> look and see if that file exists?  It should be an XML file and
> somewhere in it should be an entry like:
> <key>FireWireGUID</key>
> <string>XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX</string>
> If the SysInfoExtended file does not exist, could you try running the
> ipod-read-sysinfo-extended program?  You need to run this as root.
> The usage is:
> ipod-read-sysinfo-extended <device> <mountpoint>
> For <device>, you want to use something like /dev/sdb (not either of
> the partitions on the device).  For <mountpoint>, you use the
> mountpoint of your ipod, something like /media/$IPOD_NAME.

I stumbled with this part because i thought i shouldn't use the actual device here but something
else and i did not know what. I gather you meant to use the DEVICE but not a partition on the
device because that it is what i did and now it is working. This confused me a few days ago as
well but it did not sink in until now. Anyway thanks for the help, i have a couple of things going
on at the moment and this was really hanging over my head. I just did not have a lot of time to
fiddle with it and what time i had spent i felt should have been more productive. I was ready to
give my sister all kinds of hell for insisting on buying the freakin IPOD. Anyway much appreciate
the help. Thanks to your efforts a potential family squabble has been averted.Thanks again!!!

thank god for hackers!!

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