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Re: MP3 Players

Mr.Scrooge wrote:

> I stumbled with this part because i thought i shouldn't use the
> actual device here but something else and i did not know what. I
> gather you meant to use the DEVICE but not a partition on the device
> because that it is what i did and now it is working. This confused
> me a few days ago as well but it did not sink in until now. Anyway
> thanks for the help, i have a couple of things going on at the
> moment and this was really hanging over my head. I just did not have
> a lot of time to fiddle with it and what time i had spent i felt
> should have been more productive. I was ready to give my sister all
> kinds of hell for insisting on buying the freakin IPOD. Anyway much
> appreciate the help. Thanks to your efforts a potential family
> squabble has been averted.Thanks again!!!

Excellent!  Glad to hear it's working now.  Hopefully it was just a
fluke that libgpod didn't automatically setup the SysInfoExtended

For anyone else with a newer ipod, the libgpod updates were pushed to
the stable updates repo this afternoon.  If anyone has trouble getting
those newer ipods to work out of the box, please file a bug.

[Note: for the iPod Touch and iPhone there is some manual intervention
required.  See /usr/share/doc/libgpod-0.6.0/NEWS for some details.]

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