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Re: prevent yum deleting downloaded updates

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Tim wrote:
| It's not just laptops that *may* have an issue, desktops use a variety
| of glue logic hardware that will need kernel drivers, and all the other
| BIOS foibles.  It'd be quite easy to find that they've dropped support
| for something, something that you use.  Or they've broken support for
| something.
| For my money, I'd always keep at least three so that surprises are a
| simple reboot to recover from, rather than half an hour of recovery
| games when I really wanted to be doing something else.
| And I've certainly had machines that have been left running for ages,
| had a few kernels installed during that time, but never actually been
| rebooted and tried them out.

I did not mean to single out laptops. But from the traffic on this list that
appears to be a good(?) way to have trouble. Buy a laptop. The other way is to
buy some 'strange' unsupported hardware. Another way is to buy an unsupported
WiFi. I don't do that. YMMV and it obviously does.

As I have said. I have yet to have a kernel problem. Since hmm... 1999, might
be 1998, or so when I first tried Linux.

Lucky? I guess. But I doubt luck has anything to do with it.

- --

~  David
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