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Re: Floods of Emails Coming In To /var/spool/mqueue

Tim wrote:

you can build the replacement on a different machine and swap it (or
the drives) into place when everything works

That doesn't always work if the two machines have different enough
hardware that the install creates a different initrd file.  Of course
you can make a new initrd file.

Whichever method you take depends on your skillset and patience.

If you swap whole machines you don't have this issue. If you swap disks from different hardware, the brute-force approach is to do an install on the destination box or identical hardware and use the /boot and /etc/modprobe.conf generated there with the rest of the system from your configured setup (making sure both are updated to the same kernel version). If you go this route, the new setup can even be built under vmware. There are less drastic ways to get a working initrd, but you have to know as much as anaconda does about hardware and I don't think much of that is well documented.

Is there an automated way to build a working initrd when running from a live CD that has detected the runtime hardware?

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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