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Re: another pulseaudio horror story

Steven P. Ulrick wrote:
On Mon, 7 Jan 2008 11:59:51 +0000 (UTC)
Kevin Kofler <kevin kofler chello at> wrote:

Gene Heskett <gene.heskett <at> verizon.net> writes:
Add me to the list of folks who had to nuke as much of pulseaudio
as I could without ripping out 2/3rds of kde.
Huh? What was it trying to remove and why (i.e. what PA stuff did it
depend on)? Normally the only KDE package you have to remove when
removing PA is kde-settings-pulseaudio (duh...).

        Kevin Kofler

Hello, Everyone
When I tried this:
[root afolkey2 steve]# yum list | grep -i pulse

I got this:
akode-pulseaudio.i386                    2.0.1-9.fc8            installed
alsa-plugins-pulseaudio.i386             1.0.14-5.fc8           installed
gstreamer-plugins-pulse.i386             0.9.5-0.4.svn20070924. installed
kde-settings-pulseaudio.noarch           3.5-35.fc8             installed
pulseaudio.i386                          0.9.7-0.17.svn20071017 installed
pulseaudio-core-libs.i386                0.9.7-0.17.svn20071017 installed
pulseaudio-esound-compat.i386            0.9.7-0.17.svn20071017 installed
pulseaudio-libs.i386                     0.9.7-0.17.svn20071017 installed
pulseaudio-libs-glib2.i386               0.9.7-0.17.svn20071017 installed
pulseaudio-module-gconf.i386             0.9.7-0.17.svn20071017 installed
pulseaudio-module-x11.i386               0.9.7-0.17.svn20071017 installed
pulseaudio-utils.i386                    0.9.7-0.17.svn20071017 installed

So, I did this:
yum remove pulseaudio*
When I clicked "y", this was the result:
Dependencies Resolved

 Package                 Arch       Version          Repository        Size
 pulseaudio              i386       0.9.7-0.17.svn20071017.fc8  installed         799 k
 pulseaudio-core-libs    i386       0.9.7-0.17.svn20071017.fc8  installed         404 k
 pulseaudio-esound-compat  i386       0.9.7-0.17.svn20071017.fc8  installed         2.6 k
 pulseaudio-libs         i386       0.9.7-0.17.svn20071017.fc8  installed         349 k
 pulseaudio-libs-glib2   i386       0.9.7-0.17.svn20071017.fc8  installed          13 k
 pulseaudio-module-gconf  i386       0.9.7-0.17.svn20071017.fc8  installed          16 k
 pulseaudio-module-x11   i386       0.9.7-0.17.svn20071017.fc8  installed          36 k
 pulseaudio-utils        i386       0.9.7-0.17.svn20071017.fc8  installed         123 k
Removing for dependencies:
 SDL                     i386       1.2.12-5.fc8     installed         479 k
 SDL-devel               i386       1.2.12-5.fc8     installed         2.1 M
 SDL_image               i386       1.2.6-3.fc8      installed          83 k
 SDL_image-devel         i386       1.2.6-3.fc8      installed         4.5 k
 SDL_mixer               i386       1.2.8-6.fc8      installed         207 k
 SDL_sound               i386       1.0.1-8.fc8      installed         151 k
 SDL_sound-devel         i386       1.0.1-8.fc8      installed         163 k
 SDL_ttf                 i386       2.0.9-3.fc8      installed          48 k
 SDL_ttf-devel           i386       2.0.9-3.fc8      installed         9.6 k
 akode                   i386       2.0.1-9.fc8      installed         223 k
 akode-devel             i386       2.0.1-9.fc8      installed          57 k
 akode-extras            i386       2.0.1-3.lvn7     installed          28 k
 akode-pulseaudio        i386       2.0.1-9.fc8      installed         8.3 k
 alsa-plugins-pulseaudio  i386       1.0.14-5.fc8     installed          84 k
 ffmpeg                  i386       0.4.9-0.41.20071011.lvn8  installed         560 k
 gegl                    i386       0.0.14-1.fc8     installed         1.7 M
 gegl-devel              i386       0.0.14-1.fc8     installed          53 k
 gstreamer-plugins-pulse  i386       0.9.5-0.4.svn20070924.fc8  installed          87 k
 kde-settings-pulseaudio  noarch     3.5-35.fc8       installed           75
 kdemultimedia           i386       6:3.5.8-8.fc8    installed          11 M
 kdemultimedia-libs      i386       6:3.5.8-8.fc8    installed         8.8 M
 libflashsupport         i386       000-0.1.svn20070904  installed          11 k
 ocaml-SDL               i386       0.7.2-7.fc7      installed         101 k
 ocaml-SDL-devel         i386       0.7.2-7.fc7      installed         733 k
 pavucontrol             i386       0.9.5-0.4.svn20070925.fc8  installed         166 k
 theora-tools            i386       1.0beta2-2.fc8   installed          65 k
 wxGTK                   i386       2.8.4-6.fc8      installed          12 M
 wxGTK-devel             i386       2.8.4-6.fc8      installed         4.3 M
 wxGTK-gl                i386       2.8.4-6.fc8      installed          44 k
 wxsvg                   i386       1.0-0.5.b7_3.fc8  installed         1.1 M
 wxsvg-devel             i386       1.0-0.5.b7_3.fc8  installed         378 k

Transaction Summary
Install      0 Package(s)
Update       0 Package(s)
Remove      39 Package(s)

Is this ok [y/N]:

I, for one, have not removed pulseaudio as of yet :)

Steven P. Ulrick
I have been having audio problems that have got worse with time. When I loaded F8 I did the rpm -e pulse-audio but the updates have really turned it back on. So I did what you did and it cleared up the audio again.

Alas I use VLC and it removed that as well, but I just got it all back and it is working fine. It was vlc movies that had the worst audio problems. But that is fixed.



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