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Re: another pulseaudio horror story

On Monday 07 January 2008, Rex Dieter wrote:
>Kevin Kofler wrote:
>> Gene Heskett <gene.heskett <at> verizon.net> writes:
>>> Add me to the list of folks who had to nuke as much of pulseaudio as I
>>> could without ripping out 2/3rds of kde.
>> Huh? What was it trying to remove and why (i.e. what PA stuff did it
>> depend on)? Normally the only KDE package you have to remove when removing
>> PA is kde-settings-pulseaudio (duh...).
>and don't forget alsa-plugins-pulseaudio, so in all:
>$ yum remove kde-settings-pulseaudio alsa-plugins-pulseaudio
>should leave you with a kde desktop free of using pa.
>-- Rex

That seems to have been excised earlier.  But there are still two pa related 
packages that if removed, will take most of kde with it.  Audio is for the 
most part working, with a very occasional stutter. FF crashed while watching 
several videos, and left something repeating a fraction of a word for about 5 
minutes, I searched for something to kill in htop and came up empty and it 
finally stopped.  NDI what was leftover.  And FF's crash reporter must have a 
timeout cuz it went away before I got back to it from looking for the noise 
maker.  So that crash report never got sent.

Thanks Rex.

Cheers, Gene
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