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File not found errors during CIFS copy to remote RHEL share

Hi all,

Running F8 with CIFS access to a user specific home share on a RHEL

If I copy a directory tree from my local home to my personal share on
the server and there are files with leading periods in the name
(eg. .bashrc, .emacs, etc.), I get errors indicating a problem copying
the files.  This does not occur with files that lack the
leading period in the name. One example of the message from the CLI,
being in the target folder on the server:

$ cp /home/marcs/.emacs .emacs
cp: cannot create regular file `.emacs': No such file or directory

However, if I do this:

$ cp /home/marcs/.emacs emacs

it is fine.  So it seems that creating files with leading periods is the
issue, not that the source file has leading periods.

This happens with Nautilus, Konqueror and via the CLI. It happens
whether I do this as 'myself' or via sudo. 

It also happens whether I login in to the CIFS/SMB share using the
smb:// prefix in Nautilus or whether I place an entry in /etc/fstab and
mount the share in /mnt.

I presume that this is a permissions issue of sorts, but cannot seem to
locate anything via Google that mimics this behavior. I do have the
folder tree on the server set to 'chmod 777' just to cover bases for now
and I am the owner.

Any ideas? Need more information?


Marc Schwartz

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