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Re: Advanced learning of GNU/Linux advice

John Summerfield wrote:
Do you have regular performance reviews?
No, we don't.
If so, that would be a good time to build a case that it would be of mutual benefit for you to become a RHCE or similar, and btw there are these fine courses....

Face to face training is hard to beat when you can get it, especially off-site and sans phone.
Becoming a RHCE is something I was looking to do in the future, or at least RHCT.

And if you want to run Windows, Debian, Ubuntu and Solaris all at once?
Yes, I know this is only a possibility with Virtualisation or multiple PC's.

I have too many computers, and run or maintain Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora 5 & 8, WBEL4, Centos4, Scientific Linux 5 and opensuse 10.2. I'm about to reduce Ubuntu by one and (probably) C5 by one.
Blimey! I thought I had too many with 3. Do you run them all at once? I bet you don't need to heat your house :-)
Debian has some rough edges, but supports over 18200 packages ...
Yes, I have found debian has more packages then Fedora, even with extra repositories enabled (e.g. Livna).


Thanks for your advice John. You have definitely given me some things to think about.


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