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Re: Email delivery (sendmail->procmail->$HOME/mbox) with fallback

Tim Alberts wrote:

Price a problem? CentOS is free of charge. It also costs less.
OK, Fedora is free.

But you have to reinstall a new version every year to keep getting security updates.

I'm talking about not paying licensing for Red Hat Enterprise, Suse Enterprise etc. Your saying CentOS is far more reliable than Fedora? They're all Linux right? Fedora is on the edge of development, I understand that, but that seems to be a good place, latest features, latest patches, latest security fixes. Still get security patches and updates with CentOS right? What are you saying is the difference?

Centos is rebuilt from RHEL source rpms, minus the trademarked name and artwork. And it inherits the 7-year security/bug fix cycle so you don't have to reinstall all the time unless you want different features. Centos5 has approximately the same application versions you would have found on fedora FC6.

 Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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