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Re: Wireless Not Working on F8

John W. Linville wrote:

>> I've just carried out a complete new installation of F8 on a system
>> which has been running various versions of Fedora for the last two or
>> three years.
> I'm sorry that I have no immediate answer.  Please got to
> bugzilla.redhat.com and open a new bug there.  Please either assign
> it to me or put me in the CC list.  Please also attach all the files
> to that bug that you attached to your original email message.
> If possible, please also include the version of the last F7 kernel
> known to function correctly with your hardware.

Just a note to say I have what sounds like the same problem,
with an Orinoco Classic Gold Card on my laptop.
It is running currently under kernel
but it does not connect under Fedora-8, under any kernel.
I'm not running NetworkManager.

The symptom is that the laptop sends a DHCPREQUEST to the desktop
which responds with a DHCPACK,
but there is no record of the laptop receiving the latter.

I'll add a note to the bug if there is one.

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