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Re: File not found errors during CIFS copy to remote RHEL share

Marc Schwartz wrote:

So, to your point, arguably, SMB/CIFS seems to be replicating the
Windows Explorer behavior, even when not using the GUI to copy files.

Seems like this is arguably a bug in the implementation, since clearly
the Windows file system supports filenames and folders with leading
periods. It is just not clear to me if this is a bug in F8 or in RHEL or

I have gone ahead and committed a bug against F8's Samba:


I'll have to talk to my SysAdmin and see if he will let me connect via
NFS as an alternative in the mean time.

It sounds like someone might have added:
veto files = /.*/
to smb.conf.

But if ssh works, why don't you just use scp or
rsync -av -essh source_file_or_dir  user otherhost:/path
Or you can enter ssh://hostname/path in nautilus if you like a GUI file browser.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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