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Re: mail aliases question

Gene Heskett wrote:
On Monday 07 January 2008, John Summerfield wrote:
Gene Heskett wrote:
Well, there is just me, some dummy users like amanda for the backup
proggy, and root.  I made an account for the missus, but she is 'computer
illiterate' in the classic Joe Sixpack mold and has only sat in this chair
2 or 3 times in 15 years.  Humm, no wonder the chair is getting lumpy...
I bulldozed mine:-)

Lots of people start out like you are doing now, then go on to manage
systems for others. Best to start out right.

At my age, 73, I'm not really interested in expanding into steady IT work. I think I have enough trouble of my own for one guy to manage...

There was me thinking I was probably the oldest one here:-)

Surely, you're not the only one who's reading the answers.

I was one of those nerds/geeks back in the later 40's that had to suffer

Scroll down http://www.museumwaalsdorp.nl/computer/en/comp641E.html to Control Data to see the first computer I used. "The Control Data 3200 computer (Ref. CDC 3800 information) had a memory of 32K words of 24 bits, a cycle-time of 1.25 microsecond and an extended set of peripheral equipment, as hard disks, tape units, a card reader, a printer and a plotter.
CDC 3200 systeem."

We had no disk or plotter, but we did have a card punch.

Here's some RAM from a computer we had at a later job:
we had one or two of these, depending on how it was configured at the moment:
It was possible to split one computer into two while it was running and run them independently. We did that one time, when I wanted to borrow one to run OS/VS1. Before, during and after the split, the other half of the pair was running OS/VS2-MVS 3.8.

But tell ya what John, its been one hell of an interesting ride so far. Except for the first wife's death from a stroke at age 34, and the deaths from cancer of the 2 girls we made together, and the shingles after being nearly electrocuted about 12 years ago, I wouldn't have missed very much of the rest of it. :-)

Albert Facey might have described it as "A Fortunate Life." (Google and Wikipedia know him).

Thanks John & the rest of the list for your patience & tolerance of occasional OT traffic. Its appreciated, a lot.



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You cannot reply off-list:-)

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