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Re: File not found errors during CIFS copy to remote RHEL share

Ed Greshko <Ed Greshko greshko com> writes:


> Granted, I am not on an F8 system....  However, I am on a RHELv4
> system and I have a cifs mounted share that resides on a RHELv5
> system.
> //gangster/homes
>           cifs   153503652  38283612 107296740  27% /home/egreshko/misty2
> [egreshko misty misty2]$ cp /home/egreshko/.emacs .emacs
> egreshko misty misty2]$ ll .emacs
> -rwxr--r--  1 egreshko egreshko 237 Jan  8 13:36 .emacs
> I think you need to check your smb.conf...

Thanks to both Les and Ed.  You were both right on.

After Les initially raised the veto issue last night, I spoke with our
SysAdmin this morning. He had forgotten, but the veto configuration that
Les enumerated was indeed in the server's smb.conf.

This is apparently part of our SOP's to preclude Windows users from
being able to see/manipulate Linux system files in their /home
directories. I am about the only one in our company who routinely uses
Linux on the desktop.

To confirm this, he temporarily commented out that specification and
reloaded Samba. I could then copy the files without issue.  Of course,
he has now restored the veto configuration.

I'll just have to tarball up the files as I move them to the
server. Unfortunately, most other options, such as ssh and nfs are
precluded under our SOP's to control external access.

I will note the finding in the Bugzilla report and we can close out this

Thanks again to both of you.


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