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Re: File not found errors during CIFS copy to remote RHEL share

Les Mikesell <lesmikesell gmail com> writes:

> Marc Schwartz wrote:
>> I'll just have to tarball up the files as I move them to the
>> server. Unfortunately, most other options, such as ssh and nfs are
>> precluded under our SOP's to control external access.
> Permitting smb but not ssh is ummm, errr, ...interesting...

Yeah, what can I tell you...

Under the general guideline of "The mission shall not be compromised due
to security", we need to let specific Windows users access certain
central/common directories on this particular server (one of many) where
various client and project related files are stored.  Hence the
provision of SMB services on this server.  None of our other servers
have such general access and only the SysAdmins are able to utilize ssh
services. None of the Windows users have console access.

Given that I am the only routine Linux user in the company, I have
managed to maintain a reasonable relationship with the SysAdmins. In
some cases, they have been able to make accommodations, but when things
are in written SOP's, there is no way around them, unless there is a
clear and overarching reason for it. Then, we would have to amend and
and review the SOP before putting it into force.

Since Windows users do not routinely manipulate files that have leading
periods, this had not come up previously. It was not until I needed to
copy some configuration files over for a project that this issue became

Thanks again Les for your help. I would have been scratching my head
over this one for a while.



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