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Re: F8 reboots with CD/DVD disc in drive.

Alan Cox wrote:
On Sun, 06 Jan 2008 22:01:24 +0000
Stewart Williams <lists pinkyboots co uk> wrote:

I have installed Fedora 8 on my PC, which works fine, however if a disc is present in my DVD-RW drive when booting, the system boots just before GDM loads.

If I boot with no disc in the drive all is ok, but if I then load a disc, the system freezes (in X) and reboots (in console runlevel 3).

Bizarre, really bizarre - it isn't often I get a report which is entirely
unique but you've managed it - well unless you are using the Nvidia
binary drivers for 3D on Nvidia cards ?

Can you tell me what SATA controller you have and what the rest of the
system is (lspci -vvxx would be good). It would be best if you opened a
bug in bugzilla.redhat.com and let me know its number. I can take it from

Other useful information would be the boot messages ("dmesg") when it
boots up without rebooting.


Hi Alan (and list)

No, I am not using the Nvidia binary drivers, just the 'nv' module.

I have opened a bug in bugzilla:


and attached the requested outputs.

Many thanks.


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