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Re: new wrt54g user questions

I think you might want to look at /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts then cat ifcfg-eth0
this will tell you how your card sees the internet. Then /sbin/ifconfig -a
to see how its setup. I don't think you need to assign an IP address to your dsl modem because that is controlled by your ISP.
Your linksys router comes with an IP preassigned which acts as a gateway address and is usually
Your desktops should be able to connect directly to the router and bypass the hub, unless they are at other ends of the hanger
If you can get into the router, ie; type the IP address in to a browser URL bar it should give you a login popup and  then you login, I think the defaults are  uid=admin paswd=admin, this could be erroneous as I haven't used these for a while.
To setup your network you'll have to add each host.allow file sorry I think this drive is dieing Good luck!

On Jan 8, 2008 2:33 PM, Tom Poe <tompoe fngi net > wrote:
I have the following:
internet -> dsl modem -> wrt54g -> hub -> 2 desktops

Now, I want to create internal network.  Is it just a matter of changing
the desktop that represents the internal network to a different subnetwork?
dsl modem =
wrt54g =
desktop 1 =
desktop 2 =

What is the command that will list all the devices on the network?  I
don't see anything called networkmanager.  Any help appreciated.

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