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Re: new wrt54g user questions

--- Kam Leo <kam leo gmail com> wrote:

> On Jan 8, 2008 11:33 AM, Tom Poe <tompoe fngi net> wrote:
> > I have the following:
> > internet -> dsl modem -> wrt54g -> hub -> 2 desktops
> Why is the hub necessary? The WRT54G is a router,  a DHCP server and a
> switch. Just connect your two desktops to the  WRT54G.
> > Now, I want to create internal network.  Is it just a matter of changing
> > the desktop that represents the internal network to a different subnetwork?
> > dsl modem =
> The modem does not have an address.
Yes it does. Many DSL modems also provide a firewall. Change the range of addresses handed out by
the router to something different than what is on the DSL modem. So if the modem is
then change the router to handout network addresses. The hub is unnecessary. The
router should handle dhcp for your two clients and the modem will give an address to the router. 
One interface faces the modem (typically labeled internet) the other ports face the network. So in
the router setup, the address for the router should be  if the dsl modem is


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